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'83 Ur Q

     Well there's good and some not so good news. Good news is that my "new"
car's previously reported 4000RPM malady is now ( I hope ) behind us . It was
an idle switch on the intake manifold. I had tested this at but it was
shorting when the motor got warm. I am extremely pleased with the power. Motor
was rebuilt about 1000 miles ago. 
     Not so good news, electrical things; fast tail flashers, with good
obvious grounds
and bright brake lights , good running lights . Could this be tied to my so
far inop cruise control or the puny ground wire coming out off the battery?
     Next electrical malady, boogered fan relay system. Previous owners made
system run on fast speed only. Bentley is practically worthless on this model,
in fact I don't like these books at all. I digress. Does anyone have a photo
or can draw me a picture or scrawl out a note showing me where the relays are
located on and around the fuse box? I don't know what is supposed to be where
and what might be missing.
Next fan does not operate on afterrun. Injector fan does not work unless
connector is grounded. Switch tests good . Relay? 
     Previously reported bangs and crashes in suspension are shot upper strut
bushes. I will overcome. Perhaps with your help it will get done much more
Thanks George