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In message <199902050939.EAA24996@coimbra.ans.net> "Andy Bowskill" writes:

>> Yup, the entire Audi/ VW/ SEAT range of FISCHE are available on CD ROM-
>> called ETKA.

> There are "Cracked" Versions, that don't need the key, allegedly....! :-)))

Yup.  It pays to work out to whom you are ranting before you rant.

I went off on a long hobby-horse rant last night at the Area K meeting,
talking about spares, information, and how Audi would have to be a _LOT_
more supportive if they really want this 'heritage' idea of theirs to

Turned out I was ranting to the secretary of the Service Director at
Audi (UK).

 Phil Payne
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