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Re: re Quattro Quaterly ethical conflict....

>> How many Motoring magazines are truly independent of their advertisers??
>Or alternatively, are there *any* enthusiast magazines of any kind that
>don't blatantly kiss their advertisers butts?!?!

Well, mine was, for one ... of course, it eventually folded so perhaps I
should kissed rather than kicked.  Also, during my time with The Absolute
Sound, I can honestly say that no advertiser ever had any influence on the
editorial content at all ... if anything, the Editor/Publisher tended to do
things that would piss advertisers off instead of court them.

>[possiblye Stereophile in the '60's, but the answer will be, precious few...]

Especially because it didn't run anything but classified ads from subscribers
until it was reincarnated by Larry Archibald, the Harvard-educated former
Mercedes mechanic, in the early '80s...