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Re: A4 Brakes in Rain

Ok, make that all 100's, 200's and 5000's, certainly all S series 
cars w/turbocharged engines.

Would the correct assumption be "any body style that had the option 
for a turbocharged engine"?

I would be almost certain the a4 series do, especially this guy's, 
since it is a 1.8t :)


At 9:07 AM -0600 2/5/99, Todd Young wrote:
> Brett Dikeman wrote:
>> Last time I checked, (most?) Audis don't use vacuum assist.
> Uhmmm, are you sure? I could swear I remember seeing a vacuum booster under
> the hood of my '93 90S (a bit too busy right now at work to go out and
> check).
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