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Re: phantom check engine light

This happened on our Toyota Landcruiser. It was the smog sensor valve. My
husband drove the thing through a flooded street - he thinks something got
wet. When we had the smog sensor replaced, it stopped.
Debra Snell

>The Check Engine warning light on my recently-acquired 91 100 comes on
>occasionally while driving. After several minutes of driving, the
>warning light will go out. I've installed a momentary switch to allow me
>to easily check the fault codes, but they are always 4444 which
>indicates that there are no problems. Indeed, there are no symptoms of
>any problems, the car runs just fine. Sounds like an intermittent
>connection or grounding problem to me, but if anyone has any other
>ideas, I'd appreciate hearing them.
>Mark McCulley
>91 100
>87 syncro Westfalia
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