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4kq spring rates: unknown, but unchanged... [was ur-q Spring Rates (What Are They)]

So basically you're guessing.  Chris asks a good question, albeit slightly

He and I both own several 4kq's currently (84 black, 84 black, 85 red, 86
prorally, 87 red).  Then there are an additional 10 to 20 that have passed
through our possession (84 black, 84 white, 84 silver, 84 silver, 85 red, 86
white, 87 red, 87 red, 87 red, 87 white...)  So we have had ample time to
drive, flog, chop and examine the various different car and parts.

Now I haven't measured the coil diameter on the 84 and 87 sets of spare
springs currently lying in the strut pile in my garage, but I don't recall
there being a difference.  And I have not noticed any different handling in
the various cars that couldn't be attributed to weight difference, but also
tire and strut choices.  What I will concede is that as the springs age (say
after 75-150k miles), they won't be working the same as the day they were
installed at the factory.

Final item.  If you check the part numbers on the fiche, they be the same,
regardless of year.  Someone feel free to correct me if my fiche reading is


Stott Hare
85 Callaway 4ktq
84 4ktq (MC conversion in progress) 

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Todd, How did you conclude the difference between 4000q springs?
Chris Semple
coupla q's
	Ask any one who owns both.  They are not only a little thicker
looking but are noticably stiffer when driving. Pat martin has H&R's on
his 86' and he says the stiffness is almost identical.  The 84' springs
give much less roll and a much better balanced car on the track with
everything else Identical.  I think proportianally the rears are also
stiffer compared to the fronts than on the newer springs.
	Anyhow, keep in touch if you have any more questions

	Todd Phenneger
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