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Re: Brakes and oil

The V6 should not burn a quart of oil in 8000 miles, much less 4000.
Braking, shlud not be compromised, but that really depends on tires, vehicle
weight, speed, and anything else falling under the laws of physics. IE an
object in motion will remain in motion...........
Just remember that the A6 most certainly weighs a good bit more than a
previa,     hummm..... sounds alot like previous autombile, but the brakes will
be lots better too.
So you may find no real difference in stopping. On the subject of quattro, it
only works when the car is moving and power is being fed to the wheels, but as
for control it's just Audi's unfair advantage. As you may or may not know Audi
has been banned from using quattro in racing because they were simply beating
that pants off of ereryone else due mainly to superior controlability.

Sean 96 A6q

Debra Snell wrote:

> Hi listers,
> Having driven a Previa for the past 4 years, I'm not used to checking oil -
> my Previa does not burn a drop...I make sure my oil is changed frequently
> and that is it.
> Should I expect an A6 Avant to burn a quart of oil every 4000 miles?
> Also, should I expect to be more careful about braking in wet weather?
> (Perhaps Audi is giving me extra control w/ the Quattro system in exchange
> for less ability to brake?)
> Inquiring minds need to know _before_ I take the final leap toward a
> purchase of an Avant. :+)
> Debra