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Re: Parting out 4KCSq

Actually, I'm not sure if the part I'm looking for will be the same for 
your car as for mine but on the 87.5 CGT's, the radio power/volume 
switch is the same as the fan control switch.  Over the years this 
switch has been worn down so now it doesn't turn on the radio with 
Audi-like precision.  I have to give it a good half turn before it spins 
the rod, flipping on the radio.  If you have a similar setup on the 4kq 
(the knob is small, black with smooth detents on either side to grip 
it) I would be interested in getting it from you.

>     I am going to call the junk yard next week so if you are interested in
> anything let me know.  I think I have given people a good deal on parts. 
> If you are within driving distance of the twin cities and want to pull you
> own I'll give you a steal on any parts you want.  I have a bently for the
> 84-87 4K,4Kq, 4KCPE and one for 88-91 80/90 & quattro.  First $65 and $85
> respectively gets them.
>     Robert Bauer
>     93 90q
>     Minneapolis, MN

New London, CT
87.5 CGT Spec. Build 
Total cost of repairs since original date of purchase=$5635.64
My contribution since 3/14/97=$2478.86