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Re: Parting out 4KCSq

Jon wrote:
> Actually, I'm not sure if the part I'm looking for will be the same for
> your car as for mine but on the 87.5 CGT's, the radio power/volume
> switch is the same as the fan control switch.  Over the years this
> switch has been worn down so now it doesn't turn on the radio with
> Audi-like precision.  I have to give it a good half turn before it spins
> the rod, flipping on the radio.  If you have a similar setup on the 4kq
> (the knob is small, black with smooth detents on either side to grip
> it) I would be interested in getting it from you.


My brother had the same problem with the radio in his 88 5000SW.  I
pulled the knob off and filled it half way up with hot glue from a glue
gun.  I then put it on fast before the glue got hard and it worked

Pat Korach
Kirkland, WA