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Re: 5k turbo vacuum stuff

While reading about this topic, I thought I had to respond.  My 86 4kcsq
has transplanted in it a 5kcst engine, code mc.  I did away with the
"bomb" and kept my vacuum system intact:  brakes, cruise control, diff
locks, and distributor.  The door lock system uses it's own resevoir and
pump, and as far as having enough vacuum to brake effectively, the brake
vacuum boost resevoir holds about 8 really firm presses of the pedal,
and since you usually have your foot off the gas when you're braking,
voila, about 22 inches of vacuum.  Trail braking and left foot braking
dont' start to cause a problem until the resevoir is emptied, which
takes alot of braking action, and I try my best to keep my right foot
out of the radiator fan while i'm braking.  Just enough gas to keep the
turbo spooled up, and as soon as you lift throttle, you're vacuum in the
brakes is back to full power.  

Chris Locke 86 4kcstq
	    88 90q