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Re: 4kq spring rates: unknown, but unchanged... [was ur-q SpringRate s (What Are They)]

On Fri, 5 Feb 1999, Hare,Stott (X) wrote:

> So basically you're guessing.  Chris asks a good question, albeit slightly
> baited.

	Only guessing at rates.  I know they were different.  
> He and I both own several 4kq's currently (84 black, 84 black, 85 red, 86
> prorally, 87 red).  Then there are an additional 10 to 20 that have passed
> through our possession (84 black, 84 white, 84 silver, 84 silver, 85 red, 86
> white, 87 red, 87 red, 87 red, 87 white...)  So we have had ample time to
> drive, flog, chop and examine the various different car and parts.

	THats a lot of cars.

> Now I haven't measured the coil diameter on the 84 and 87 sets of spare
> springs currently lying in the strut pile in my garage, but I don't recall
> there being a difference.  And I have not noticed any different handling in
> the various cars that couldn't be attributed to weight difference, but also
> tire and strut choices.  What I will concede is that as the springs age (say
> after 75-150k miles), they won't be working the same as the day they were
> installed at the factory.

	The 84's are frequently replaced with newer 85'+ springs since the
parts #s have been updated.
> Final item.  If you check the part numbers on the fiche, they be the same,
> regardless of year.  Someone feel free to correct me if my fiche reading is
> incorrect.

	Like I said.  The #'s are updated.  A guy at the loal dealership
even confirmed for me that he remembers the change and that he agrees that
the 84 is a better spring.  Not AS prone to sagging but as 84' are
older many still sag.  

	I dont know the rate differees but if you drive Idential 84 &
newer side by side sometime with same shocks it is obvious.  Weight is
only different by about 50 lbs so that is a minimal fator in the
light/quickness difference.  Even NEd Ritchie says the 84' springs are
stiffer and he gets that info from Germany I believe.  Some time I will
get actual rates for them when I get custom ones made since I will measure
the rates of the 84 & 85 for comparison.  
	Sorry I cant provide you with more details but I still hold that I
am right.  I'm suprised you havent noticed it on your ars but it is
Possible that shock differences or Updated springs on the 84's account for
the difference.