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Re: v8q rear rotors

In a message dated 2/6/99 4:06:10 AM Eastern Standard Time, BernieD1@aol.com

<< I find that the rotors on my 90 v8 w/ the UFO's tend to warp in stop & go
 traffic. But after a high speed drive on the turnpike and steady firm braking
 will make the warp dissapear. I think that its the fronts that warp &
 "unwarp". Its a real PIA and I think the reason why Audi conducted a
 semisecret recall to replace UFO's when the car first came out. Just out of
 curiosity is the dealer replacing your front rotors under warranty?

Hmmm- It seems like there are at least 3 theories on why the UFO front rotors
warp: 1) too much heat from hard braking. 2) not enough heat from easy braking
and 3) no warp at all, just uneven friction between pads and rotor. My
experience would suggest a modified #1. I have always been easy on the brakes,
and have never suffered from this problem. Perhaps hard braking and going thru
water is the culprit? Also, I am intrigued with this notion of a "semisecrete"
recall on the UFO s. Anyone out there ever benefited from such?
Frank Santoro
1990 V8 for sale
1998 A8