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Walked into that one- no Audi content

This is one of those FOAF stories, so it lends itself to an UL.

My pal said one of her friends is very 'anal retentive' towards driving
which can lead to a mental breakdown here in Dallas.

This friend spotted a speeder thru a school zone- 20mph. He followed her
to a light and explained to her she had been speeding in that zone.
The speeder blew him off and prolly added a few choice words.
He again followed her as she pulled into a police station. She ran in,
he followed.

She explained to a desk officer that she is being harassed by this
The FOAF said he just wanted to explain why speeding thru a school zone
is dangerous.

The desk officer asked the driver if she had been speeding...
"Only 35mph thru there!"
And then she was issued a ticket.

This sounds very UL-ish, but I'd never heard it.