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RE: I hate the smell of oil in the morning.

I've never had the oil leak problem on this car, but I've had the hydraulic
leak problem (hey, haven't we all?).  Go to a local discount parts supplier
and buy a couple of cans of Brakleen.  The non-chlorinated version in the
green can (it's slightly cheaper) should be fine.  That stuff does a great
job of cleaning off residues and leaving parts nice and clean and dry.  It's
a good bit less messy than resorting to things like GUNK engine brite, or
other engine foaming cleansers.  But in the interest of economy, you may
want to resort to GUNK, etc., if your engine compartment is saturated with
oil residue.

One other point.  On the issue of redline for the 3B (200Q) and AAN (S4/S6)
engines, I believe the redline is 7100, and the motronic unit limits revving
past 7200.

- Jim