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Re: White Smoke

Not to be the bearer of bad news here but my '86 5K started to emit white plumes
of smoke on occasion and it turned out to be a blown head gasket :-(.
Translation, a leaky head gasket could be your problem. If you see white smoke
from the exhaust, that could mean that engine coolant is seeping into the
combustion chamber and is being expelled out the exhaust pipe.   Believe me it
is not a pretty sight. To check for this pull each of the spark plugs to see if
there is any indication on the plugs. My smoke problem started shortly after an
incident involving the radiator dumping coolant while driving. (plastic neck
broke)  I didn't realize I had a problem until the overheating idiot light came
on.   By then it was too late; the motor had overheated and the rest is history.

Good luck

Jeremiah Curry wrote:

> Howdy Audi Fans,
>     I have noticed that there is a small amount of white smoke coming out of
> my exhaust even when it is warm.  Also when it's cold my car makes larger
> billows of what I assume is steam than most cars I see.  What could be the
> problem?  Could it be related to the air/fuel mixture?
> Thank You in advance,
> Jeremiah Curry