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Audi's responsibilty (was v8q warped rotors)

Actually i had a good experience with Audi taking responsibility for a failing
part. I had a loose spark plug break its threads on my number 3 cylinder,
eventually causing the head to leak and the car to run on 4 cylinders. My car
had 75,200 or so miles and Audi still paid half even though the car was out of
warranty. I didnt even call a regional manager, all i did was drop the car off
at the dealer and said that it is ridiculous for something like this to happen
and i refuse to pay for it. They checked it and 6 hours later called and said
that Audi will pay half. 

Audi themselves is good, its the dealers that sometimes cause the problems. my
dealer was Zumbach in NYC, never gave me a problem.