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RE: need quick help: 87.5 CGT outer CVJs?

The clip has to be spread toward the outside while you bang on the CV joint
(with a brass drift or hammer). You have got to hit hard, she must come out
(soon or later!). I never had one that refused to come out.
Good luck,

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We're almost done with the suspension on my brother in law's
"new" CGT (yes, the one I was selling).  We're stuck on
this point: I can't get the outer CVJs off the axle.  I
couldn't do it on the car, so I pulled the axle off (once I
had driven around town asking one neighbor and a complete
stranger who both own Audis if they had a 10mm triple square -
one did!)

Even on the bench, I can't get it off.  The circlip used has a
pair of "ears" and is unlike the earlier clip used on the 4kq.
I've tried opening the circlip and banging the joint off,
just banging, etc.  Nothing!

Any quick tips on how to remove the damn thing would be appreciated,
as I need this car running for Mon AM so I can drive to work
(the CQ will be in the shop for heater box r/r, oh joy...)


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