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Re: 4kq fuel pump: dead

In message <01BE5228.C09F7E00.pajono@compsol.net> PN writes:

> My fuel pump kicked the bucket on the way home tonight, leaving me
> stranded. I'm assuming it was the fp as I can't hear it priming when I turn
> the key, and the starter turns over just fine.

Not all cars actually run the pump during the start sequence - my 80CD,
Passat and ur-quattro don't.  Try a jumper from the battery into the
fuel pump relay output to see if it runs.

> Any BTDT on the replacement? Probably a good time to replace the fuel pump
> as well, but what about the fuel pump filter mention in Bentley? Is this
> replaceable, cleanable? How can I do this without spilling gasoline
> everywhere; can I crimp the fuel line with a vice grip or the like?

On an 87 car, beware of Audi's infamous change to the pump inlet hose
diameter.  Your new/replacement pump may need a larger hose from the
tank than the old one.

I recommend removing the entire subassembly from the bottom of the
car.  The procedure is in the archives somewhere.

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