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RE: 911 turbo bypass valve...quick help

Martin said;

> Porsche 944 Turbo is probably the same and a lot cheaper than the Audi S4
> unit.
> I got mine for $40 CDN.
> Bosch P/N:  0 280 142 108
> > Does anyone know what year 911 turbo bypass valve will work on an
> > Audi turbo engine?  

They are NOT the same.  I just got the one above and it is externally the
same, however, the S4 bypass valve (BPV) has a metal valve, the 944 BPV
valve is plastic.  Does anyone know if the S4 BPV is placed BEFORE the IC,
like the 91 200 20vt?  And is the 944 BPV after the IC?  I'm guessing that
if your BPV is before the IC you may want run the S4 BPV due to high turbo
intake temps.  If your BPV is aft of the IC, the plastic 944 BPV may be ok,
as the air temps drop quite a bit after the IC.

The above placement comments are pure conjecture, so if anybody knows where
the BPV's on the S4 and 944 in relation to the IC, it may shed some light on
this issue.  Also pressure may be an issue, although I'd think not as the
BPV valve shouldn't see any real pressure as it simply reroutes boost into
the front of the turbo.

Gary Lewis 
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