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5000 questions

Hey All,

To introduce: We've got two quattros, an 86 4000 and a newly acquired
87 5000.  These cars are cool.  Nothing beats them for trips from the
bay area to the Sierra.  Plus we live in the Santa Cruz mountains, where
the roads are twisty, narrow and often flowing w/ water.  The quattros are
very confidence inspiring in this environment.

The 5000 has a couple of small problems that I could use some advice on
 The middle yellow display light came on yesterday w/ a goofy looking glyph
which looks like a flask, with a couple of jets squirting out the top and to
sides.  Any idea what this is supposed to mean?

Also, the dash lights do not work.  I saw the recommendation in a FAQ to
the glovebox light and the license plate light bulbs. Sure enough neither of
lights work, but the bulbs are good.  Also the fuse is good, and the
flashers, which
are on the same fuse, work.  Any advice as to where to look next?

I figure I need to remove the instrument cluster to check the reostat(which
I am presuming
is the knob under the tempature guage).  I tried removing the two screws
above the guage cluster
but the cluster didn't seem to be loose.  Are there any other fasteners?  Or
do I need to just
pry it out???