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Re: window motor

Consider this... I learned from installing a used window reg in my car. 
the little plastic thingamajigy that holds the window mount to the
moving bracket wear a little with age and allows a small amount of
fore/aft "rocking" motion for the glass.  Since your motor runs the
window up fine from half way but not all the way down, maybe the window
is binding a little in the sliders.  Check for crud there, and examine
very closely the exact path the glass takes as it rises and drops,
paying attention to the bracket where it is attached also.  Maybe a
miniscule adjustment there will do something.


Mike Guidotti wrote:
> wow, thanks for all the quick replies, here is what is happening. If I lower
> the window approximately 8-10" it will go back up just fine,but if I allow
> the window to go all the way down it does not want to go back up. The cable
> is still in one piece and I lubed everything the first time that this
> happened which gave me about 10 uses of the window. everything is clean in
> there and the switch is fairly new. Swapped it with one from the other side
> which is working fine and same thing, when you push up on the switch the
> light dims but nothing happens, (except if it is at the top, then it seems
> to work fine) I am guessing there is more resistance at the bottom? Any word
> on the updated motor being better or should I try to rebuild this one?
> Thanks
> Mike Guidotti
> 87 5KTQ

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT