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Re: Audi S9 for NFS III

Oooo...I see you have a 200q20v version of the file :)

I think a couple of 200q20v owners might be interested, particularly 
Sarge; shares the same color scheme.  Maybe it'll help brighten him 
up :)

If I had the game, I'd ask for a black version...

91 200q20v a la TAP, Panther Black

At 6:58 PM -0500 2/7/99, Anand Dhanda wrote:
> sorry for the wasted BW but I am finished my S9 and S9 pursuit for NFS III.
> It is a mix of an S6 and S8. You can get it from my design group, Lead Foot
> Design, at http://members.xoom.com/lfdesign.  It is also availible in a
> pursuit version. feedback is MORE than welcome!
> Thanks
> Anand Dhanda
> A.K.A. Technik

Brett Dikeman
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