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RE: Well, that was fun...

> Just as I carefully slid into traffic, I noticed a police car coming the
> other way. Not a moment too soon. I really didn't feel like explaining to
> the cream of the Zeist police force that I was sharpening my
> driving skills.

A few weeks ago, I found myself doing the same "low-cf testing" with the S4
in the lot of the University basketball arena. There was only one vehicle
parked there, a university services van, which I used as a turn-in marker. A
few minutes into the run, after a particularly tight
"turn-countersteer-throttle-lose_nerve-spin" past the van, I saw the
interior light go on, and a very surprised groundskeeper peer out at me. He
picked up his phone/CB and I decided that was enough for the day.

Unfortunately, security concerns these days mean that almost all parking
lots round here are well lit, i.e. planted with a forest of light poles.
Adds too much potential excitement to ice driving.