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Re: Opinions on Boge Pro-gas vs Turbo Gas?

Dave C. writes:
> Ti Kan wrote:
> >... I just had Boge TurboGas installed on all four corners of my 84 5KST
> today.  The springs are stock.
> > Hopefully the TurboGas will soften out a bit over time and improve the
> ride a bit.
> I have this setup on two of my cars.  
> Right after installing the new struts I was concerned they might be too
> stiff, but after about 10k miles the struts they mellowed a bit and I like
> the feel very much.  My wife is also happy with it.

Yeah, I guess these shocks do need some break-in time.  I have been driving
this car for a few days now and already the ride has improved since
initial installation.  Still kind of stiff, but the change is promising.

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