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Re: FS: '93 S4 - Recommendation: Don't Buy!! (Long)


	I called on that car and the sales guy told me they would come 
down to 19k, but from the sounds of it, it might be worth about 13k.

On Sun, 7 Feb 1999, Jim Griffin wrote:

> Just figured I'd pass along a test drive on a '93 S4 at Ron Bouchard's Acura in
> Auburn MA. As you can tell from the subject heading... my recommendation is...
> Don't Buy It!!
> The details:  '93 S4  - Pearl white, black interior, carbon fibre trim inside -
> 69,345 miles - $20,995
> Friday night, the car caught my eye as I was driving by (funny how an Audi
> enthusiast can spot them in a flash), so I stopped to take a closer look. Not
> too bad from the outside, so I figured I'd take it for a spin on Saturday.
> First, the car wouldn't start. Hmm... not very good, considering that they've
> only had it on their lot for a week.
> Look under the hood, and notice a few tidbits... first, a rubber hose/line from
> the fuel filter is visibly split/cracked... showing the braiding underneath. Not
> long before that one gives way...
> Second, some oil leaking from the back of the valve cover area, possibly the
> rubber hose coming out of it. Not sure where/what is leaking... but not a good
> sign.
> Saleswoman said the timing belt and water pump was done recently. I asked if the
> tranny was replaced, since the early ones had problems. She wasn't sure. She
> very quickly understood that I knew a LOT more about these cars than she ever
> will.
> Once inside, it showed some signs of owner neglect. Passenger seat switch knobs
> were missing. Cigarette burn hole on driver's side headliner, near the grab
> handle. Rear trim panel on passenger was loose. Defroster vent on passenger side
> dash was warped/twisted. Leather was in relatively good shape... but I would
> guess that the guy never treated them with anything. Driver's side seat bolster
> was a bit worn.
> Outside... small scratches here and there... nothing too bad. Trunk lid had a
> small rust spot... probably where the guy banged the edge, and never treated the
> paint chip.
> Okay... enough already... how'd it drive? Well, that's probably the worst part.
> After getting it jump started, it idled a bit rough... but not too badly. I pull
> away... and noticed a real bad part-throttle stumble/hesitation... I think
> mostly under boost. It didn't matter what gear.
> I kept driving it, to get it warm. Once warm, it was a bit better, with the
> hesitation/stumble only present when I tried to really step on it. WOT on the
> highway it was really noticeable.
> I couldn't tell if this was tranny related or not... I suspect not. I would
> suspect a sensor gone bad, or something else ignition/fuel related. Whatever it
> was, it was obvious to me that the previous owner didn't take care of the car,
> and neither did the dealer do any kind of prep work or real road testing. I
> couldn't believe that the dealer would put a car out on the lot like this. It
> amazed me. Naturally, I told that to the salesman who came out to see me upon my
> return (the saleswoman went back to selling an Acura to someone...).
> What a shame. This could have been a dream come true... a PEARL on BLACK '93
> (with the carbon fibre of that year only!!)... but NO... the d*mn previous owner
> had to use, abuse, and neglect it. The guy should be tortured somehow... :-)
> The only positive piece that came out of the drive? I switched seats with
> Charity, and let her drive it for a portion on the highway, and back to the
> dealer. Even in the poor-running state that it was, it produced quite the grin
> on her face!! She was amazed when I told her that it wasn't really running
> well... and that a well-tuned one(and/or modded one at that!!) would really
> thrill her!! So... needless to say, she was impressed. I think she is getting
> closer and closer to being a die-hard Audi fan!! I have to keep working on her
> though... she still wants a Toyota Pickup. But I've almost got her considering
> an A4q!!
> I told her that I am strongly considering the purchase of an ur-q in the spring.
> After explaining to her what it was, I think I'll be fighting over the keys,
> that's for sure!! :-)
> Anyway, that's the story on the S4. IMHO, do as I did, and pass on it.
> Of course, YMMV... usual disclaimers etc.
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