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quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk (Phil Payne) wrote:

>> ... I don't know where this post came from, but if you're saying that you've
>> got an aftermarket exhaust with the tips pointing up I wouldn't be surprised
>> if you had more of a problem with soot on the back of the car.  The stock
>> exhaust is usually set up to try to put the exhaust into the slipstream
>> around the car ... there is a low pressure area behind the car and if you
>> put exhaust gasses back there they are going to tend to pile up on the back
>> of the car more so than they would on the stock system ...

>Soemthing BMW got seriously wrong in the early 1980s cars.  It was very
>common to see BMWs on the Autobahns with one side of the rear of the car
>_noticeably_ blacker than the other.

...and remember those old '70s M-B diesels? One black taillight, one red.