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RE: Audi of America, are you listening?

In message <000701be5347$14b2d400$d5f0a7cb@Dell_Boy.minedu.govt.nz> "Dave Eaton" writes:

> 5) the "ownership experience" of older cars is an interesting item. i
> appreciate phil's and your point about the heritage and audi helping owners
> here, and i can certainly see the point.  as the previous owner of probably
> the most expensive audi every to maintain (the wr ur-q), certainly the thing
> which i would have appreciated the most was simply lower parts prices.  i
> understand that these have been dropping as audi gets the message.  about
> time i guess.

With experience, WRs are cheap to maintain because of the commonality
of parts and the purely mechanical (and well documented) fuel injection

At ten years, the MB ur-quattro is viciously expensive - over $35000
in five years.  At twenty years, I expect the RR to take over.

Anyone fancy a debate?  I've decided to attend the Area G meeting
(Alcester) tonight - I half expect some Audi bigwigs to be there.

 Phil Payne
 Phone: 0385 302803   Fax: 01536 723021
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