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RE: 5000 tq Wheel Alignments

So if we cannot trust the wide tolerance given then do we shoot for the
center of the range????  Can you give us the alignment angles (with
tolerances) that you have experienced the best results with??

My shops computer alignment system brings up my alignment specs. and
tolerances on the screen (and printout) and I do not know how these compare
to the Bently or the "ideal" angles.

Thanks for the help

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"Southerlin, Russell S" writes:

	> Our cars sound very similar.  I was trying to find out if the
	> alignment specs. have tolerances that are so wide that you can get
a car
	> that drives very differently just by being at one end or the other
of the
	> spec.  Sometimes my car drives strait as an arrow, usually when
the road
	> surface is very flat then other times on a crowned road it has
	> twitchiness.

	Absolutely. In Audi's documentation it quite clearly states:

	   "Die angegebene Werte sind so genau wie moeglich anzustreben."

	   "The values given must be achieved as closely as possible."

	Reading Audi's words on the subject of alignment in the original
	there can be no doubt whatever that alignment 'within tolerance' is
	acceptable.  I've experienced several cars, the latest only two
	ago, that have been released by independent shops as 'within

	And this is quite apart from problems caused, e.g., by the
	talking of 55' vs the real 5'.

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