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A6 purchase experience

Hi listers,
Sorry for the incomplete post to the list last eve. I inadvertently sent
the post out before it was complete.

My purchase experience was a bit wacky, but very pleasing. Not one quibble
over price on either car - we had come to an agreement via the telephone.
Papers were filled out and all we did was sign. Got a 5.5% simple interest
loan, which felt good.

When we walked into the dealership, my husband and I noticed this cute
little mocha colored A6, sitting beside a green one. I had jokingly
mentioned to my husband - "I like that color. I wonder what he'd do if I
changed my mind on the silver one."

As most of you know, I pursued a silver car. Carlos, my sales rep. had the
silver car w/ a sold sign on it when we arrived. After introductions,
Carlos began to confess..., seems the invoice the dealership had been sent
did not match the numbers on the silver car. Upon further investigation,
Carlos realized that the silver car did not have the features I had
requested (namely _the_ light pkg.). (He showed me the papers and it was an
honest mistake.) He told me that he could get the A6 Avant that I wanted in
a couple of hours, but it was not silver. It was cashmere grey w/ melange
interior. We asked for the key to the cashmere grey Avant and in the
pouring rain, jumped in the car that was on the lot (without the lights),
that they offered to trade for the same car w/ "the" lights from
another.dealership (69 miles away).

After some discussion, Robert and I decided that the cashmere grey was
suitable _if_ the telephone (the unexpected ammenity that came on the
"other" car) was thrown in on the deal - same price, etc. that we had
agreed on for the silver car. The deal was done.

Since we are making a long-term committment on the car, we purchased the
extended warranty so I could nit-pick the dealership all the way to 100,000
miles. :+) We figured one repair would pay for the warranty and since we
don't really know if our Audi purchase is a gamble, we bought our first
extended warranty for a new car.

No quibbling over my trade-in. Paperwork was filled out and I was given an
A4 Quattro to drive while we awaited the new car. Of course, it was getting
late in the day, so we drove the A4 the five minutes it took to get to my
mother-in-law's house for the birthday gathering for "baby brother". We got
a call at 6:30 saying the car was in. We drove the A4 back to the
dealership, got a lesson on a few things and left.

We drove home in the same heavy rain that we drove down in, with a feeling
that my A6 Avant was driving on a rail. We are in love, and I'm happy with
the color, kids love the heated seats and telephone (for which we have no
service provider - my other cell phone is digital..) It is raining and my
new baby has towels on the carpets. Looking to buy some good rubber mats
immediately. Any suggestions?

Thanks for all of your advice,