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RE: 5000 stalling

Is the car manual?
I suspect the decel valve. Here is an excerpt from Scott Mo's site


     There is an Audi service bulletin (group 25 # 91-03) listed for the
86-90 5000/200TQ cars that mentions the problem of stalling on deceleration.
It indicates that the
     decel valve can stick open on deceleration. (this would cause a big
vacuum leak and stall the engine), it recommends replacing the decel valve
with part number
     035-133-985A if the valve is the problem.

Hope this helps,

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My son is having stalling problems with  the 88 500TQW.
When he comes to a stop sometimes it stalls and can be restarted for 5 min
or better. I replaced the pump which was very nosy anyway but the stalling
continues. I also  replaced the pressure maintainer or what ever it is
called on the top of the pump with a used one I had at the house. Any other
ideas would be appreciated.

Regards Bill