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RE: Audi's in Danbury CT

Having grown up in the Danbury area I was fortunate to have Bob Butcher(sp?)
working on my families audi's. He was located about 400 yards up from the
danbury DMV. The best mechanic I had ever known. Honest, cheap and loved
used parts. After he passed away the shop is still open (I think) but the
service/knowledge may not be there. Anyhow after driving some California q's
back to the east coast for my family I suggested that they go to AutoFirme.
(from quattro list archives) My father just had an '89 90q w/ no heat fixed
there and it seems true that they know a lot about q's. As I am still on the
left coast I have yet to had the pleasure of meeting the folks at Autofirme
but everything I heard is good.
Good luck,


AutoFirme, Inc. (dans@ans.net)
  Greg Haymann
  Route 22
  Pawling, NY 12564
  Greg and his wife are Quattro Club members, and I met them at the last
  Rock event.  While I've never used his services, I have heard good things
  about his work, hence the recommendation.  He seems to know a lot about 
  quattros and I'm hoping he can hook me up (or at least check out) my next 

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I just moved to Danbury CT, and am looking for recomendations for reputable
Audi mechanics, part vendors, etc in the area.  For use with the list in
the archive,  please advise me of the name and location of anyone reputable
with whom to do business.   Also, if there are any places to avoid at all
cost, I'd appreciate their name too.    Feel free to mail privately if you
wish to conserve BW.  Thanks in advance.


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