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Re: Audi of America, are you listening? Another POV.

With all the bad experiences that are being mentioned, I thought I would add a
GOOD experience with dealing with Audi.

A few years ago the automatic transmission in my mother's '86 5kS (it had been
my car) went out at 200k miles due to seal failure which is so common on those
transmissions.  My mom loved the car so she paid the $2k+ to have the
transmission replaced at an independent shop.  No more than a week later, the
recall notice came in the mail to inspect and replace transmission seals if

Because the transmission failed because of the recall problem, my mom wrote a
letter to Audi explaining the situation, etc., along with a copy of the
receipt for transmission replacement.  About a month later, a check arrived in
the mail for the full amount of the transmission replacement from Audi.  Yes,
I held the check in my hand...

Now I'm sure this isn't a common occurance, but I thought Audi's response went
well above what I would have expected.  Especially as the car was not repaired
at the dealer.

Steve Eiche
Englewood, CO
'82 Not So Ur q