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Re: Flaming AoA

> As a computer guru I monitor many lists, and the Quattro list is
> administered better than any I know of.  The people are cohesive and
> generally helpful, and there are some very knowledgeable contributors.

Thanks :)  That's the second nice compliment I've received
this week, and I do appreciate it.
> Why don't we form an organization that can have some impact on AoA?  Why
> don't we tighten up our ties with, or found our own, source of parts?

Working on creating a "virtual club" of sorts as we speak.

AoA has no great interest in this at all, but I'm hoping that will
work in our favor and keep us out of trouble.

As far as parts, there are many sources of high quality, low cost 
OEM parts out there.  I've even thought about going into the
parts business myself as an extension of the list, but it's
such a small market that it's not worth it.
I am working on more formalized relationships with vendors though.
The next few weeks should bring about some concrete changes
that I will be free to discuss at that time.

| Dan |
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