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Re: Tales From The Chipped

Mike-  I was told by Gary Lewis that the spring may need a bit of working in.  I
didn't try adjusting the allen bolt on top of the waste gate cap, I hope I don't
need to.  I think once the spring is worn in a little I won't be getting this
problem.  Thank Goodness, I didn't want to buy a fuel pump/filter.  Today driving
to work I got it up to 1.8 bar and I noticed that the power leveled off.  Maybe
its is already worked in.  No readings higher than that today. As for my boost
gauge, I might have the only one that works properly,  I was getting 1.4 readings
(pre-mad... I mean, mod)  anytime I really stepped on it.  Anyway I am looking
forward to catching up with Howard Dinits on 101 south, and show him what it means
Dan Hamren
1987 5000 Family wagon  (Addams Family)

MSV96@aol.com wrote:

> Hi Dan,
> Reading your accounts of the qlcc mod installation gave me an ear to ear grin!
> Now then, the problem you are experiencing. You are hitting overboost. Why? I
> don't know...you will have to troubleshoot that ;-) I know, lotsa help huh. So
> yes, it is a "fuel delivery problem" since it is the fuel pump being
> temporarily shut off by the ECU. Dammit Igor!
> I was hitting overboost last summer (same mod as yours) but the problem has
> mysteriously "cured" itself. (I think from moving a leaking vacuum line enough
> to reseal that I need to change someday soon.)
> You are hitting 1.9 bar?! On the dash gauge? Way too high (I know, I
> know..."Igor" worked wonders but). The qlcc mod is only supposed to max out at
> 1.8 bar _and_ the dash display normally reads both low, and slow. The
> overboost fuel cut-out is 1.95 (I think) bar on the qlcc mod. When I was
> hitting overboost it was with the dash display reading 1.8 bar...mine reads
> low.
> Here are the things to check:
> The hose from the throttle body to the lower side of the WG. A leak there will
> cause overboost. (That is the hose I know I need to replace.) While you're at
> it, the hose from the WGVF to the top of the WG is notorious for being
> rotten...it won't cause overboost however, not enough more like it.
> The WG may be sticking...(I doubt it if this just started with the mods).
> The 1.8 bar spring may be too much (if so adjust the spring perch per
> instructions on Scott Mockry's web site). I run the same spring myself,
> started with the stock one, then Scott's 1.6 bar (Wolff has that one now), and
> I got the 1.8 as soon as Scott mentioned he had them.
> Hope this helps give you some things to look for.
> The bad news is that once all is fixed, your power will not feel quite as nice
> as it does now since it won't be quite as much boost (close though).
> Regards,
> Mike Veglia