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Re: urquattro killing battery??

	when i read this i put 2 and 2 together...

	there have been posts in the past about critters
	taking up residence in our fine german cars when
	they sit unused for a while.  my suspicion is 
	that these critters are probably running the heat,
	making phone calls or listening to npr on the 
	radio.  i would suspect that the 2a jump must have
	been poker night or something.


	hahahah :)

On Mon, 8 Feb 1999, Bob wrote:

]My UrQ nominally drew about 65mA, but the battery went dead. When I
]finally got mad enough and thought that 65mA shouldnt kill the battery
](it shouldnt!) I put a data gathering unit on it... and let it sit.
]The first two days were ALWAYS OK, drawing 65mA. After that though, it
]mysteriously jumped up and down between 750mA and 65ma and once it hit
]2A.  I thought it was the radio so I disconnected it, but it still did
]it. It wasnt the radio.  Never really found what it was, so when it was
]going to sit for a while, I just disconnected the battery.

 rocky mullin
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