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Re: Audi's in Danbury CT - Avoid The Dealer!!!

Regarding Mr. Meyer's seeking of a reputable Audi service in Danbury,
CT, I can definitely tell him to avoid Danbury Porsche-Audi-VW.  I've
bought several Audis, VW's and a Porsche from these people, and I've had
much more bad luck than success.

Long wait times for service appointments are common.  My most recent
trouble was in repair of an air bag problem.  I was given a quote of $0
(supposedly covered under warranty).  One week later I receive notice
from the service manager that he made a mistake, and I should cough up
over $300 for the repair!  

In 1993, I bought a 20 Valve 90Q (yes, it was great!!).  My girlfriend
decided she needed a used Jetta she saw in the lot.  After purchasing
$30,000 in cars, I was surprised to see that they were going to charge
me full price to replace the crappy plastic lug nut covers on the Jetta.

It just seems like one thing after another with these people, and this
latest incident put me over the top.  I figured that between myself, my
girlfriend (actually, ex-girlfriend), father, brother and sister, we
have bought  17 cars from these people since 1969.  

My service business will go to Pray Porsche-Audi in Greenwich or to a
small mechanic in Purchase, NY recommended by Dan Simoes.

I could tell more stories, but I hate typing.  I hope the people at
Danbury Audi are reading.

1994   100CSQ

Darrin Lucas
Assistant Golf Professional
Tamarack Country Club
Greenwich, CT  06830

(203) 531-7364 voice
(203) 531-7802 fax