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Wagons (was RE: For Sale 91 200 Quattro Wagon)

Mike Veglia says:

> with four kids you kinda need a third backseat ;-)
> Mike Veglia
> 87 5kcstq (fits our 3 kids--one more would spell toruble)

But would the kid spell it correctly? :-) (sorry!)

We're now starting the research into a new(er) car for my wife.  With
three kids of our own, she needs something with at least five belted
positions, but more would be better (the kids have friends, etc.). 
She's resolutely set against minivans and SUVs, which makes me happy as
I suspect I'm going to have to drive this thing, whatever she gets, from
time to time.

She'd really prefer a wagon with a third seat; I know various Swedish
cars now owned by Ford Motor Company make third-seat wagons, and the
other two large German carmakers offer wagons with third seats.

But what about Audi?  Were third seats offered in Audi wagons, and if so
what years/models?