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RE: any btdt's with 90 v8q transmission repair?

> > with the former owner, he mentioned that when the car was hauled from
> > the accident scene, it was done with a standard front lift tow truck and
> > no dolly for the rear wheels! arrrrrrg! The car was hauled like that for
> > about 5 miles at 40-50 MPH. It was then moved again but I have no way of
> That's not good for the Torsen.
... well the only TorSen to come on an automatic is in the rear diff ... and
for that one it probably didn't matter.  The center diff is an open diff
with some sort of computer controlled locking mechanism.  I sent Mark a
private e-mail stating that I'd think that it would remain unlocked w/o
power, but I don't know for a fact.  If all else fails consult the owner's

It sure seems to me that any damage to the car caused by improper towing
would be paid by the towing company ... even in a situation such as this.  

> You'll need an engine too.  The 5-sp block is different from the auto 
> block.  Talk to Ben Howell.  Your best bet is to buy a good used tranny 
> from a yard.  Contact Chris Semple - I think he may have one or two in 
> stock.
... agreed.  Be sure to get a tranny from a 1990 model as the front diff's
final drive ratio changed in the 1991 automatic tranny.  I suppose that if
you got the rear diff from the same car you could swap both, but from most
reports the 4.11 in the '90 is the preferred combo for the 3.6 V8.

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)