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RE:Wagons (was RE: FS '91 200TQW)


The later A6 avants could be ordered with the 3rd seat, a la Volvo (sort
of).  However, if you buy a new one, make sure you buy it with this option.
 If you buy used, try to find one with the 3rd seat already there.  I was
at the parts dept of B-H Porsche Audi a couple of months ago, and the parts
guy was shaking his head as he pointed at a 'third seat' that a customer
was about to pick up.  The parts guy said the option on a new avant is a
few hundred dollars.  Buying the third seat afterward is more than double
that price.  But what else is new.  THe customer had purchased his A6 avant
at that dealership recently, and didn't order the third seat option at the

- Jim