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Re: 83 tqc

> hey all,
> when i got my '83, some guys told me to relay the headlights.  what
> exactly do you mean by this?  i see that there are four separate fuses for
> bright left, bright right, dim left, dim right.  is this what you mean or
> what? 

No, that's different.  Relays are small electrically powered switches. 
happens is the original wiring is used to power the relay (very little
required), which act as a bypass for all the original wiring.  You
connect the
relay to the original wiring to control it, to the alternator or battery
a power source, and then to the lights.  The reason you want to bypass
stock wiring is that it is that it is of low quality and you loose a LOT
voltage, meaning your bulbs do not light very well.  Also, the headlight 
switch is not very robust and tends to fail when subjected to the entire
current load.  For a MUCH better explanation, see
	Also, your '83 comes with the quad rectangular light setup which is 
easily and cheeply (around $150) upgradable to European-spec H4/H1
lamps.  I
HIGHLY suggest you do this, the result is far, far better than any DOT

> also, do you know where i can find a whole wiring diagram for the
> car.  any info will be greatly appreciated as usual.

I think you might get some intresting responses on this one.  Like "Ha
Not being privilaged enough to own a Ur-Q, I have only limited
with them.  However, from what I have seen, and listers comments, the
cars are often wired quite a bit different from one to the next.  A 
Bently manual might be of some use, however.

89 200tq
85 4000q