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Re: 1990 V8 Q Transmission Problem

thanks for the info...  but, how did you figure something was wrong?  did it
make noise... grinding, vibration, stays in one gear, etc?  How did the trans
shop figure there was something wrong?  Did they do drive test, or hooked it
up to an electronic analyzer?  Word of caution... i think most independent
auto shops are dishonest and to stay in business, they prey on owners with no
knowledge about about fixing cars (no offense).  

My former 1989 Jeep Cherokee started giving me problems... it would jump out
of gear and start revving high then catch.  Nah, it wasn't low on trans fluid
and it happens on straigtaway at a certain point when depressing the gas
pedal.  I took it to a transmission shop and a young mechanic (owners son)
test drove it and said it was shifting fine, but his dad said something's
wrong with the gear and the only way to confirm it is to take it apart at a
cost, plus additional cost to fix anything they find wrong.  I had doubts and
continued to drive the jeep trying to find any patterns.  I suspected the
throttle position sensor since i read in the repair manual what the TPS does.
I bought a replacement ($50) from a JEEP dealer, replaced it myself, adjusted
it as prescribed and VOILA, it was the TPS.  The old TPS had a flat spot (0
reading) using an ohm meter.

My 1990 V8 is making unusual noise and vibration.  Did you encounter any with
yours b4 you brought it to the shop?