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More on the possible BMW takeover

AP is reporting BMW shares have jumped in anticipation of a takeover.
BMW is positioning itself for a merger or takeover... it doesn't want
to be left out of the big world-tango started by DaimlerChrysler.

Piech stated he'll wait and let BMW settle down, but evidently he
asked his engineers on Monday to see which VW platforms would make
good Rovers.

Would Rover be a good group for VWAG?
LandRover would good acquisition and buying the A-H, MG and Triumph
names would fit into the Bugatti-Bentley-Lambo limited edition sports
models, but the Rovers themselves would make VW, SEAT and Skoda a
little cramped in the marketplace.

The AP article also reported Robert Eaton expects 3 groups to rise to
the top for BMW within the week.

Its going to be interesting... 
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