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Re: Bondage and Discipline

Hairy green toads from Mars made harrison sapir say:

> Audi started installing airbags in 89 only on select models. Actually, I
> think that only the 200's got them. In 90 bags became standard on the
> driver's side. At no time did Audi use the motorized belts. At least on US
> bound cars. By the way, I like bags (duck).

Pretty much right. The 200's started getting them in '89.
It may have been a running model year change, because I don't
know that ALL of them have it. The '89 100s and 90s don't
have air bags. In '90 most/all of the models got them.
Angela's '90 90Q20V has one (driver's only).

Mid '90s they switched to two bags. My '95 A6 has two.


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