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Re: Battery recommendations?

I had great luck with AutoZone as far as batteries go. I punched a hole in one
accidentally while installing it in my QSW (probably the stupidist thing I've
ever done, DON'T ask me how I did it, I'll never live it down), and they gave
me a new one for free. And, if anything happens to it in the next 2 years, it
gets replaced for free, and after that it's prorated for 5 more years. And it
was only $50. 750 cranking amps or something.... and 450 cold cranking amps.
Pretty good.
    '84 GTI
    '87 QSW

Craig D. Niederst wrote:

> Another Lister recently posted that he was in the market for a new battery,
> and was looking for suggestions for a replacement. Right on cue, my battery
> died on me this morning. I was expecting it to fail sometime soon, since
> starting was becoming more difficult in the past weeks. I looked to see if
> there were any responses to the other Lister's request for suggestions, and
> saw none (must have been all private replies). Interstate, Die-Hard, Exide,
> Wal-Mart (Prostart?), OEM? Any one have a good / bad experience with any of
> the above (or others?)? TIA.
> Craig
> '92 100S (78k)