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Re quattro II v IV

> So which system is better? Not having driven my car in snow yet, I'm
> thinking I would feel more secure if *I* had control over the
> differentials. It's the robot thing, I guess, and my need for 

Personally I would prefer the EDL to manual diff locks because:

1) They work all the time below 45 mph (I believe), but manual diffs
only help when you turn them on (rarely), and only at low speed.

2) Works on front and rear, as opposed to rear-only.

3) You always have abs (questionable advantage, I know).

However, to me this isn't a huge deal, as I have never HAD to lock the
rear diff anyway.  Now, I've been known to do some "experimenting" from
time to time on snowcovered deserted roads, but thats just for fun!
BTW, if you live in snow country, I HIGHLY recomend you consider
seperated winter saftey, to protect your nice new car, and your family.