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RE: WHAT AUDI SHOULD I GET...(kinda long)

I'm not sure I would recommend an '86 5K TQ, only because the early 86 has
the older non-quattro front brakes (single piston calipers), and a different

suspension in the rear.  

Mike Sylvester

94 100 CS Q
86 5KCS TQ (early), currently upgrading front brakes to the dual piston

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	 ...  I  see no reason to search for an '88 ruling out potentially
good finds in an
> '87, or even an '86 if one is looking for a type 44 tq. The '87 model year
> had
> the highest number of total US sales which offers you the best selection
> of
> used choices. (And like any 10+ year old used car, buy in the western and
> southern states for best condition...) Everything that was "fixed" in the
> '88
> also is present in the '87 that I am aware of.   ...
>  Mike Veglia
> 87 5kcstq