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Re: dead battery ARGH!!

So my question is...
The car jumped off fine...
no problem... hooked up cables with other car (grand am) @ idle
and it cranked right up...
left it running all lunch (1 hr) with mostly driving....
it seems fine now...
I just wonder if me replacing the inside parking lamps with the 
1157's (which are a higher wattage bulb i believe) may have contributed
to this problem...
The battery/charging system has been flawless in this car even in 
0 degree weather it cranked right up with 40w Castrol in the pan!
I was not sure it was going to start when I went out there...
Thinking (oh god there's 40w in the pan please start!) 
needless to say I was pleasantly surprised...
I am just worried that I have severly shortened the battery life...
Will the hydrometer test tell me if so?

It IS under warranty @ the moment (new july of '98) 
And it did cost a bit but it has been an excellent battery..
Rich Andrews
> rjandrew@post.cis.smu.edu (R Justin Andrews) wrote:
> > QUESTION.....
> > can the parking lights really flatten a battery to no charge in 3-4
> > hours? I am going to run the car for a solid hour @ lunch so hopefully
> > it will start when I get off @ 6pm...
> FWIW, twice in the past two years I have left the parking lights on
> (headlights turn off when you turn off the ignition) when I got to work
> in the morning.  Twice the battery was fully drained in the afternoon
> when it's time to go back home - no horn, no clock, no nothing.  And
> twice the Interstate battery has been fine after a jump start and a 1/2
> hour drive home.  Not to mention the time my wife left the car parked a
> full day at the airport with the lights on and the same results.
> Luis Marques
> '87 4kcsq