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After Market Shocks Vs Boge, Bilsteins etc

I just bought some after market shocks for my 88 Audi 
80 Q from Autozone. They are "Gas Ryder" by brand 
name and come with a  limited lifetime warranty. I'm a 
student with a limited budget who recently had a car
totaled and still have a court day to come with a potential
fine of $270 which means I have scarce $'s to spend.
Had it not been under similar circumstances I would have
gotten the Boge's which were going for $59 a piece. My
question revolves around whether there are any significant
disadvantages of using after market shocks rather than
Boges. I would expect that the feel might not be the same
and the Boges would probably last longer. My shocks are
really bad and the right one makes a 'creak'  'creak' sound
when you push that side of the car up and down hence the
urgency of not waiting to save and buy better. Let me know
what your opinions might be on this. Thanks 

Mike Theuri