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Re: WHAT AUDI SHOULD I GET...(kinda long)

At 2:59 PM -0500 2/9/99, MSV96@aol.com wrote:

> What are the significant differences between the 87 and 88 model year 5ktq's?
> Let's see...
> 1. New style trunklid and emblems (kinda nice I admit)
> 2. Chromed Door Lock Mechanisms (nice when the doors are open and you notice
> them)

Umm, my old 87 5kCST had chromed door lock mechanisms(well, actually, 
a chrome "piece" in the door handle.) The only difference in trunk 
lids was the relocation of the release button.  Non-CS models in any 
year had black middle rear panels, all CS models had orange/red back 

There was also a slight, but insignificant, change in various things, 
like the throttle body is a little different.

Someone pointed out that I skipped over the 89/90 200's, and that's 
right, I did sell them short, so my recommendation changes to "any 
turbo type 44 after 1987."

> Let's not rule out the V8 either, especially the 5spd... (Right Graydon and
> Steve B?)

In terms of:

-replacement parts(try finding a V8 manual tranny!)
-performance mods
-performance, period...

a turbo car is a much better idea.

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