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Audi Stuff For Sale (89 200q)

Hi Folks, 
   I have a couple of things that will be available for sale after this

(1) 89 200q Parts Fiche, hardcopy in 3 ring binder. I don't recall what
I paid Audidudi for it... but.... first to respond with $20 gets it.

(4) Audi 200q Pearl White wheels. These wheels are out of round
unfortunately, so they tend to give a bit of vibration in the steering
wheel. I mistakenly paid $150 (paint) in an attempt to have them
refinished last spring... but it turned out pretty bad. The person
repainting didn't really know what he was doing..so.. I think these
wheels are good only for winter use (which is what I used them for).
They don't look bad with a little roadsalt on them. Certainly better
looking then steels.. $100 or best offer takes all four.  I'm not
willing to seperate at this time. jpegs available on request for wheels. 

I'm located in Albany NY. Buyer pays shipping fees. Please e-mail if